50 dollars earned me more information than the last 2 years at college. - Dipan Patel, Student

SPARKsouth is a great event for marketing and communications students and rising professionals to glean important information. With relevant digital marketing tips and career advice, the event is a forum for the industry in gaining new connections and asking the important questions to make it in a competitive environment. - Mara Maddox, CMO, Leadercast

I just wanted to say how much I loved SPARKsouth. I met a ton of businesspeople, got some amazing advice, and best of all made a lot of great network connections. Thank you so much for giving all of us this opportunity, and I will definitely be returning next year. - Sarah Wickson, Student

SPARKsouth is an amazing event for professionals, recent graduates, and college students. The level of professionals who come to speak are paving the way in their industry and passionate about their roles and careers. As a Career Coach, it is amazing to see (two years running) the students who attend this event. Each person I spoke with was hungry for knowledge, was working hard toward their end goal of graduation and had a keen eye for what was going to help distinguish them in the job market. When you have an opportunity to be around an entire auditorium of passionate, success-minded individuals, there's nothing but excellence coming out of the day. This event is innovative and genuinely spectacular. If you are looking for a day filled with large impact and new connections, this has it all. - Briar Dougherty, Career Coach

I felt very unconfident before attending SPARKsouth in my future and in myself. I took away a lot from the mentors there that helped me gain confidence and realize that if I have faith in myself, I can achieve what they have. - Samantha Snapp, Student

Go. Just... go. - Trey Roth, Yaystack

SPARKsouth is extremely helpful for anyone that is thinking about digital marketing at all. - Holly Tessmer, Student

SPARKsouth is more than another career  event. Giving students and professional marketers multiple opportunities for 1:1 interaction sets it apart from other conferences. Both students and pros exchange thoughts and ideas and learn from each other. - Toby Bloomberg, Diva Foodies

I wanted to thank you for putting together the SPARKsouth conference. It really allowed me to learn from the individuals who spoke and just gain an insight on what it's like to work in the field. This conference has bridged the gap from being in school to entering the job field. Thank you! - Marvin Mathew, Student

SPARKsouth is a great networking event so be prepared. Have questions prepared and do your research on the mentors. - Paige Smith, Student

This is a GREAT place to network and learn from those in the industry that are taking time out of their work day to mentor/teach/share their experiences with you. Take advantage of their willingness to mentor and ASK QUESTIONS! - Daniella Weston, Speaker

SPARKsouth was an amazing experience where I learned a lot and was able to casually network with so many employers. Loved it and got so much out of it! - Nick Alves

The students were well prepared, asked great questions, and accepted feedback with grace. - Vaughan R. Cooper, Mentor

There is such a wealth of talent that student can tap into from the speakers and moderators at the event. Joe & Jen do an amazing job of lining up people who truly are accomplished in their careers and have valuable advice for those starting out in their careers (or even those who have been around a while. ;) - Shannon Delaney, Speaker

I met you this past Friday at SPARKsouth. Thank you so much for engaging students and putting on such wonderful event. I learned so much and feel 1000x's more prepared for the future!! 
- Lisee Pullara, Student

SPARKsouth is an informative day filled with passionate people who seem to love their careers in the ever evolving field that is marketing. - Kristin Witcher